SEA CULTURE is a lifestyle fashion brand based out of Upstate New York with an attention to detail and craftsmanship. We think about every button, stitch, and style we design because, at the end of the day, we are making clothes that are for us. When it comes to the production of our garments, we source from all over the world to find the most responsible and ethically made fabrics.

Dan Tagliamonte Founder | Designer

"My deep appreciation for craftsmanship and attention to detail stems from my obsession with quality. We have such a close connection to our product. The items that we are making are the things missing in our closet. We are creating products selfishly made for us. That means we aren't skipping out on quality. You can tell by now that we are marching to the beat of our own drum. It takes a long time to create something made for a lifetime, and I am so grateful that you allow me to do something I love every day. "

Maria Sakran Co-Owner | Partner in Crime

"I started working retail jobs at the age of 18 and fell in love with the clothing industry. For me, making connections with people was the driving force to start my own thing. Working for those bigger retail companies had killed my creativity and I was searching for something more. The things that we are doing, and the environment we've created has brought purpose and inspiration back into my life. ​ "We aren't just your average clothing retailer. We are a brand dedicated to the detail and craft."


We made it our mission to work with the best materials to ensure our products can stand the test of time. Our factories are family-run facilities that have been building garments for decades. At the end of the day, we are obsessed with quality, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Below are just some of the amazing fabrics we work with.

Regenerated Nylon

Our swimwear is made using ECONYL® regenerated nylon. ECONYL® is a brand that is focused on ridding the earth of waste like fishing nets, fabric scraps, and industrial plastic that would otherwise pollute the earth.

Natural Dying Practices

Our Natural Tea Dye program uses the waste generated from the ice tea manufacturing process. This technique has enabled both the reduction of water consumption and dying time from 15- 50%, thus increasing the dying efficiency. This process ultimately reduces the waste water disposable cost, which results in a cleaner production with greater social and economic benefits.

BCI Cotton

The majority of our cotton is BCI Certified. That means the farmers growing our cotton minimize the use of harmful pesticides. They also care for the health of the soil. Using these sustainable practices, the grade of cotton produced is measurably better for the planet.

Pure Wool

The wool we use is ethically produced and sourced in Eastern Canada using natural dyes. What comes from the earth should all go back to the earth.

Our Commitment To Giving Back

Underneath our signature SEA CULTURE hat brim is our Whitecap Badge. If you know us, then you know that we have worked with organizations that better the planet since our inception. As a company, we are conscious of our choices and understand how our decisions affect the environment. With each hat purchase, we donate a percentage directly to the grassroots charities making a difference. Below are the top charities we have worked with and actively contribute to.