Toscano Cigars Book

The fascinating history of the Toscano cigar, published in celebration of the brand’s two hundredth anniversary. Marking two centuries since the birth of the Toscano cigar, this book reconstructs its history and reveals its techniques, illustrating the beloved cigar’s ties with Italy as well as its international appeal.In this illuminating volume, the production of the Toscano cigar—from growing the tobacco to the preparation of the leaves—unfolds against the breathtaking scenery of Tuscany, a stone’s throw from some of the greatest masterpieces of a region that was the crucible of the Renaissance. The book is enriched with stories about the various personages and celebrities—intellectuals, politicians, film directors, and musicians, from Giacomo Puccini to Amedeo Modigliani to Umberto Eco—who have loved and continue to love the Toscano cigar. It also includes notes on the lifestyle associated with this passion: perfumes, flavors, and colors tied to nature, to the Tuscan countryside, wine, leather goods, food, and opera music.

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